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718 Area Code in New York, NY

718 Area Code in New York, NY

718 Area code info

The American 718 area code serves New York and other 3 cities.

Primary City New York, NY
Assigned 97%
Time Zone Eastern
Coordinates 40.6975,-73.97875

718 Area Code MAP

All Cities served by 718 area code

City Population Percent of 718 Percent of City
Bellerose, NY 1193 0% 30%
Bellerose Terrace, NY 2198 0% 33%
New York, NY 8175133 100% 93%

718 Area code history

The American area code 718 was first put in service September 1, 1984. It was created from area code 212. In 1999, area code 347 was created and is currently an overlay to 718. This area code now serves New York and 3 other cities.

718 Area Code Usage

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